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Welcome to Jacksongs!

Jacksongs is a music project by Henning Kunze aka JACK.

JACK started out as a drummer in highschool days in various bands touring his hometown Hanau, Germany. Writing and playing his own songs as well as music of other band members was was his preferred way to express himself from early days on.

On Jacksongs we offer a variety of music composed, recorded and produced by JACK in his home recording studio as well as music recorded with his favorite band Profil.

In the video section we also offer a video of the song Klein by the group Quennet, in which JACK improved his drumming skills in the typical style of the mid eighties. Check it out, not only if you are a fan of the time!

And btw - JACK loves photography! So you are welcome to check out the Foto Album featuring some of JACKs latest masterpieces!


"The production reminds us a bit of Sting's 'Nothing like the Sun' in the reverbs that slightly wash the mix along with the keyboard work that has that Kenny sound. Vocally Jack's delivery is smooth and tenor-candy."

"It should also come as no surprise that all instruments (minus a few guest spots) are performed by him as well."

"The musical auto-biography breathes in Jack's solo piano passages and is a fitting end to what is ultimately a fine pop almost-jazz record from a rock-inspired artist."

- EarBuzz, Aug 2007


JACK’s music is available for download under the music section of this website in collaboration with CDBaby, as well as on all major music services such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon music and the like. If you are as old-fashioned as JACK and wish to obtain a hardcopy CD, you may use the purchase button provided in the music player or simply drop us a line via the contact button below and we shall revert to you!