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  1. Real World
  2. See you around
  3. Your place in Time
  4. I know
  5. Delhi
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  1. Little Johanna
  2. Time for letting go
  3. Lovers
  4. One woman man
  5. My place in this world
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Music / Lyrics:
All songs written by H. Kunze, except: Your Place in Time, lyrics by H. Kunze / M. Hauck; I Know, music by H. Kunze / A. Janz; Delhi, lyrics by H. Kunze / K Sinha; Little Johanna, music by H. Kunze / M. Hauck
All instruments and vocals by H. Kunze, except: See You Around, Guitars by Klaus Bittner; I Know, Piano by Andreas Janz; Little Johanna, Bass and Guitars by Markus Hauck.
Klaus Becker
Jack's CD "Real World" begins with the title track, a superbly produced song of reality about the trappings of illusions and fairy-tale lessons of trust, 'don't put your trust in others, cause this is the real world'. The production reminds us a bit of Sting's 'Nothing like the Sun' in the reverbs that slightly wash the mix along with the keyboard work that has that Kenny sound. Vocally Jack's delivery is smooth and tenor-candy. But despite the youthful sound, his lyrical content is mature and has a wisdom that seems beyond his years. It should also come as no surprise that all instruments (minus a few guest spots) are performed by him as well. Track 3, "Your Place in Time", is a gentle compassionate Euro-ballad that emotes and communicates desperation, pain, and love brought on from the experience of losing an unborn child. The vocal chorus, 3 and 4 parts, are lush and musical. Track 4 finishes the thought in "I Know" as the artist sings, "I know it's over". The pop/groove tune employs an interesting and active bass line and is well-done with a Basia feel. It's a trend in music to save the most outside track for last - in this case, "My Place in This World". Instrumentation is ambitious compared to the rest of the tracks and there is no introduction as Jack sings, 'there was a time when i was feeling like a wordless page, when i was sitting all alone before an empty stage, and i knew, i haven't found my place in this world'. The musical auto-biography breathes in Jack's solo piano passages and is a fitting end to what is ultimately a fine pop almost-jazz record from a rock-inspired artist.
EarBuzz Review (Aug 2007)
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